In February and March 2014, more than 1,000 junior and senior high school students across Utah tried a civil case in which Mia Larsen, a minor child and the only daughter of Casey Larsen, sustained a serious concussion during a college showcase soccer tournament, while playing for the Strikers Soccer Club Under-17 Premier soccer team.  Mia continues to suffer from significant mental and physical impairment as a result of that concussion.  Mia filed a lawsuit against Strikers Soccer Coach, Strikers Soccer Club Director, and Strikers Soccer Club, Inc., arguing that they were negligent in returning her to play too soon after an earlier concussion and are, therefore, liable for the damages which she sustained.

Students impressed more than 300 judges, attorneys, and community representatives with their presentations in over 100 mock trials.  The Utah State Bar, Utah Bar Foundation, and Utah Law Related Education honor this year’s champions.


Kaestle Charlesworth
Jack Brimhall
Annie Moscon
Jade Hall
McKay Hall
Sasha Sloan
Hans Pande

Instructors:  Brooke Gregg and Joseph Gregg
Attorney Coach: D. Matthew Mascon


Candace Brown
Benjamin Drewes
Will Evans
Emma Fox
Elizabeth Mitton
Catherine Nemelka
Niels Turley

Instructor:  Krista Thornock
Attorney Coach:  Charles F. Abbott